Understanding Types of LENSES

Contact lenses are available in different types and varieties. Finding the right lenses depends on your lifestyle, your budget, and your vision needs.

Lenses by Lifestyle

Your eyes are our inspiration. Meeting your needs starts with a deep understanding of your eyes, your lifestyle and your vision correction needs.

Support for Eyes with Sensitivities

Do you feel your eyes are prone to sensitivity, irritation or allergies? Well if you do, we think you deserve to live life while staying comfortable. That’s why we developed contact lenses that help keep moisture in and irritation out to help keep your eyes comfortable all day long.

Performance in Challenging Environments

Do you spend hours sitting in front of a computer? Are you exposed to dry or dusty environments? Any one of these situations can take a toll on your eyes. Good thing is we created contact lenses that will give you comfort all day long.

Maximised Wear

Are you looking for lenses that can keep up with your long hours? Now get exactly what you are looking for - great comfort hour after hour with minimal lens awareness, for days or throughout the month.

Lenses by Condition


When you’re nearsighted, distant objects appear blurry. When you’re farsighted, near and occasionally distant objects appear blurry. These are the two most common conditions that call for vision correction.


Lenses for Astigmatism are referred to as Toric lenses. Astigmatism is a common condition that can result in blurred or distorted vision at all distances, varying with the amount of Astigmatism.


Contact lenses are usually categorised by length of wear

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