Myopia & Hyperopia

ACUVUE® CLEAR™ Monthly Contact Lenses

ACUVUE® CLEAR™ is easy on your eyes, easy to wear and easy on your pockets.
Made of Etafilcon A, the world’s most widely used and proven contact lens material so soft, smooth and water rich that you will immediately see the difference. It is specially designed to hold shape so it is easy to put in and out of the eye.
Compared to conventional contact lens, it is a hygienic and healthy way to wear contact lenses. Enjoy easy, non-stop comfort with ACUVUE® CLEAR™.

Acuvue Clear Monthly Contact Lenses


ACUVUE® CLEAR™ Lens Details

Vision CorrectionMyopia: Distant objects appear blurry.
Hyperopia: Near objects appear blurry. Blur can also occur when viewing distant objects.
Replacement ScheduleDaily wear, monthly replacement
Lenses Per Box6
Price Indicator
UV Blocking99% UVB and 87% UVA

The highest internationally recognized UV protection standards available in any contact lens.
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