Contact Lens Myths

Heard all sorts about contact lenses? Read our guide to separate the myths from the facts.

Contact lens myth buster

There are many myths about contact lenses, so it can sometimes be hard to separate the facts. Here are some common contact lens myths set straight!

  • Contact lenses are uncomfortable

  • You can’t wear contact lenses if you have astigmatism

  • Contact lenses cause eye infections

  • A contact lens can get lost behind your eye

  • Contact lenses can get stuck to your eye

  • Contact lenses are difficult to look after

  • Contacts lenses can pop out of your eye

  • Children and teenagers can’t wear contact lenses

  • People over 40 shouldn’t wear contact lenses

  • Contact lenses can increase short-sightedness in children

  • I only need to wear glasses when I drive

So that’s all the common myths about contact lenses busted! Now read all about the benefits of contact lenses here .

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